Made to last

Already during the development of the first prototypes HAM's HELL was designed to be simple and robust so that it can outlast generations of athletes with a little care. Key parts, like the knee pad, can be easily renewed or replaced. Even after years of use, marks of usage on HAM's HELL can be removed with simple methods of woodworking.


HAM's HELL is made entirely of wood, except for a few connecting and adjusting elements.
Manufacturing wood products has a smaller carbon footprint compared to materials such as steel or plastic. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, making wood a carbon-neutral material. The wood used for HAM's HELL is sourced from FSC - or PEFC - certified sources. In this way, we ensure responsible forest management. This contributes to the protection of forest ecosystems and ensures the long-term availability of wood resources.


HAM's HELL is manufactured in the heart of the Kurpfalz, next to Heidelberg in Southern Germany. We avoid unnecessary transport routes by relying on regional suppliers. Whether parts for the knee pad, special milled parts or recycled shipping boxes, we have all partners within a radius of 15 km.
Over 110 kwp of solar power on our HELLfactory also ensures that the final production of HAM's HELL is also eco-friendly.