Made in Germany

Redefining the functionality and quality of
hamstring training

In close cooperation with our partners from elite sports, biomechanics & sports sciences, we have been evolving and expanding our ideas with high passion. HAM’s HELL provides a simple handling & straighforward adjustments. Consequently, it is easy and intuitive to use. Its robust & ergonomic structure allows everyone to quickly set its individual settings of shin length & inclination angle for optimal training during pre-season & competition period.

Low tech
High effect

HAM’s HELL is a wooden training device. It meets our overall aim to offer you always best training conditions. HAM’s HELL is very easy to use and can be used everywhere. Complicated hardware and software we leave to others.
Every detail is well-adapted for individualised training on all performance levels – beginning from early rehabilitation to Olympic champions. Its robust & ergonomic structure ensures a safe & comfortable training environment.

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Basic Features

Solid hand grip for a safe workout

The hand grips are designed for a secure handhold even under highest loads. The handles serve as support or intensify force generation and the activation of the trunk and arm muscles. That allows the athlete to direct maximum forces into the device through their upper body.

Four tilt levels

The four inclination levels between 0° and 36° allow athletes to constantly adapt workouts with HAM's HELL to their performance and thus increase the training effect step by step. Whether in the isometric activation before a competition or during return to competition after an injury:
HAM's HELL can be optimally adapted to the abilities and needs of the athletes.

Nine length settings for individual customizability

The nine length settings have been validated over the period of one year by athletes with a body height of 150 cm to 200 cm in their daily training on HAM's HELL.
In daily use, the knee pad quickly adapts to the anatomy of the athlete every time. After the workout, the anti-allergenic material of the knee pad can be easily disinfected.

Premium Features

Over rough and smooth

With the roll set that is optionally attached at the factory, you get a plus of mobility for daily use in different places.
At 80 mm in diameter, the rolls are large enough to be pulled over cobblestone or grassy surfaces. You want to use HAM's HELL alternately on the sports field as well as in the training room? Then our rolls are just right for you.

Add some length

The extended front is 40 cm longer than the standard version and has two additional ergonomic handles on each side. Especially long athletes will appreciate the extra comfort.
Just like the standard front, the extended front is easy to mount with screw connections. For transport, the front can be easily disassembled. Whether extended or standard front, you can change it at any time.

Customize your HAM's HELL

For a personalized look we offer to customize the standard front according to the specifications and desires of the club or organization and to attach your logo or individual slogan.
Other designs are also possible on request.


The standard mass is 23 kg.

Height 60 cm
Width 60 cm
Length 130 cm

Length with rollers expands by 10 cm to 140 cm.

Length with extended front expands by 40 cm to 170 cm.


Developed and produced in Germany, HAM's HELL is handmade to a large extent.
Every single step follows a firm process to guarantee the highest possible manufacturing quality. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requests or demands!

Sustainable production