• Title: Effect of Different Slopes of the Lower Leg during the Nordic Hamstring Exercise on Hamstring Electromyography Activity
  • Author/s: Toshiaki Soga et al.
  • Published in: Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
  • Publication date: March 2021
  • Link: JSM
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Preferential final stage activation

Beginners and weaker athletes can massively benefit from exercises which are performed with inclined shanks❗

Shin inclination will decrease the required force to achieve full knee extension. Instead of losing control at high knee flexion angles, muscle activation can be maintained until injury-relevant knee angles (30° to 0° knee flexion). It has been shown that a 40° shin inclination significantly decreases the break point angle from 58° to 16°.

👉 HAM’s HELL offers four inclinations (0° to 36°) which allow a gradual regression of exercise intensity. Don’t be shy and reserved. Become strong at high inclination before you decrease your shin inclination!