• Title: A 10-week randomized trial comparing eccentric vs. concentric hamstring strength training in well-trained soccer players
  • Author/s: Mjølsnes et al.
  • Published in: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports
  • Publication date: October 2004
  • Link: Abstract PubMed
  • Fact: #10
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Optimal hamstring training

It is crucially important that your heels are fixed by a rigid object while you perform #Nordics or related exercises. This is the basis of highest possible hamstring activation throughout the entire range of motion.
HAM’s HELL provides an ergonomic and robust heel wedge which withstands highest loads. We invite you to feel the difference to an unstable heel fixation by your training partner. A rigid heel fixation is the gateway to your future hamstring power. Give it a try!