• Title: Isokinetic hamstrings-to-quadriceps peak torque ratio: the influence of sport modality, gender, and angular velocity
  • Author/s: Dos Santos Andrade et al.
  • Published in: Journal of Sports Sciences
  • Publication date: February 2012
  • Link: Abstract J Sports Sci.
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Strong concept for weak hamstrings

A common and widespread problem is hamstring weakness, not only in commonality, but in athletes too. Especially females suffer from a partly substantial inability to tolerate acceptable amounts of eccentric stress on their hamstring muscle-tendon unit. This deficit makes them prone to injuries. Although this problem is scientifically proven, successful countermeasures are not apparent.
One powerful solution is eccentric hamstring training. However, progression models are lacking.
‘Ham’s Hell‘ is not only a training device, but provides you with a step-by-step guideline for efficient and progressive resistance training of your posterior chain muscles. Contact us to get information about our progression model.